Privacy policy

YOUNIQ LABS LTD (with all its subsidiaries referred to as "Youniq Labs") privacy practices in regard to this Website are established by this Privacy Policy statement. The protection of personal information submitted by the Website users to Youniq Labs complies with all applicable laws of the British Virgin Islands and its Data Protection Act 2019. The terms "we," "our," and "us" refer to the business YOUNIQ LABS LTD, trading as Youniq Labs, Company Registration Number: 2108104.

§1. Introduction

This notice explains our policy regarding all information we keep about you. It specifies the conditions under which we may process any information you give us or collect from you. It includes information that could and could not be used to identify you, or "personal data." The term "process" refers to the collection, storage, use, modification, delivery, disclosure, deletion, or other action on information in the context of the law and this notice.

We take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously. We know that every person who comes to our website deserves to know that their personal information will never be used in a way not intend or accidentally given to a third party.

We do not share, sell, or disclose any information obtained from our website to a third party, unless otherwise specified below.

Youniq Labs does not and cannot affect the procedure and data on the blockchain protocols under which different tokens may be sold or used.

§2. Type of information we collect and store

When you use Youniq Labs services directly through our website, we collect your information. We will collect some or all of the following data in order to provide our full range of services:

Identifiable personal information: name, surname, company name, and birth date;

Information about contacts and communications: email, as well as suggestions, feedback, requests, and inquiries;

Information about the contract: applications and arrangements concerning the utilization of our administrations;

Data from your profile and use: IP address, details about the login and password. Other information about how you use those services is also included. Cookies and other internet tracking software are used to collect this information from the computers and mobile phones you use to connect to these services.

§3. When you consent to this Privacy Policy

You give your consent to us to process information that may be personal data through certain actions when you browse our website or request additional information about our business, including our products and services. We try to get your explicit consent to process this information whenever possible, like by asking you to accept that we use cookies or send you direct marketing messages. Until you withdraw your consent or it can be reasonably assumed that you no longer consent, we will continue to process your information on this basis.

§4. Transfer and disclosure of personal data

In accordance with this Policy and the law, we are permitted to transfer personal data primarily for:

  • based on the user's accepted agreements and the applicable law, the Website operator is required to transfer the user's personal data to partners or individuals;
  • individuals providing KYC support and/or legal assistance in connection with agreements;
  • disclosure required to provide our services to you - NFTs’ are transacted using a proprietary protocol. Due to the open nature of the blockchain, information about your transfer is sent to it and can be accessed by third parties. Every transaction you enter into the blockchain can be used to identify you because blockchain records are public and anyone using an external data source can identify you through your pseudonymous public wallet address. Other users of the Website might be able to see some of your personal information—for instance, information in user profile sections or agreements that are made public.

In any other circumstance, we are only permitted to transfer your personal data to third parties if there is a legitimate interest in ensuring that user agreements are carried out and the transfer of information does not violate the law.

§5. Information Security

We are taking every precaution to protect the privacy of your personal information and prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. Specific examples:

  • Digital certificates and high-grade encryption are used to encrypt data sent to our websites. To make sure they are appropriate, we constantly test and review our encryption and security measures;
  • To prevent unauthorised access to systems, we review our practices for information collection, storage, and processing, including physical security measures;
  • Employees who require access to areas of our systems containing personal data in order to carry out our day-to-day operations are the only ones permitted. The individuals who have access to these areas are bound by strict confidentiality obligations in their contracts.

§6. Access to your information

Admittance to personal information. Whenever you might want to see your individual information that we hold about you, you can check your records in your personal account profile or send us a request via email. In the settings for your user's profile, you can change some of your personal information.

Delete your account. You can send us an email request asking to delete your account and personal data.

§7. Data Storage

Unless we are required or permitted by law to store your personal data for a longer period of time, we will only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We will keep your personal information for as long as Youniq Labs is considering you as a customer.

We may keep your data for up to six years after your relationship with Youniq Labs ends in order to respond to questions or complaints, keep records in accordance with the rules and regulations that apply to us, and comply with other laws, including the time required by our tax authorities.

§8. Other Provisions

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any concerns about our use of your personal information, if you disagree with our Privacy Policy, or if you have a complaint.

We have created our Privacy Policy in accordance with the rules described in the British Virgin Islands Data Protection Act 2019. We would appreciate hearing from you if you believe it does not comply with any part of it, so we can update its content.

This privacy notice may be amended from time to time as necessary. By emails to you, we may inform you of any significant changes to the Privacy Policy and send you disclosures and alerts.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy: [email protected].

The update to this privacy policy was made on: December 21, 2022.